Pergola With Canopy Kits

Frequently Asked Questions

    How can I enclose and cover my deck?
    We have a small deck, about 7 1/2 X 11 ft and wanted to cover it and screen it affordably. I had wanted to buy a screen tent/canopy, but none I found has been small enough to fit the 7 1/2 side. My husband asked a handyman who suggested a screen enclosure, patio mate, which would have been perfect but it was 4 inches too big - so close! I had a baby very recently and would love to be outside with him, and he is as fair skinned as I am, so we wanted to find a way to cover it and screen it for under 00 (the patio mate at bj's was about 0). The 7 1/2 side is making it tough to find anything. I started looking online at DIY patio covers, and thought I would ask here. Pergolas are beautiful to cover (as a deck roof that I would then hope to use some kind of screening) but costly, is there anything anyone would suggest? I haven't seen any screen tents or patio covers to fit the dimensions. Are there any kits maybe to create a patio cover or some kind of roof that we could then enclose, or any other suggestions? Thank you!

    • ANSWER:
      This is just a cheap alternative till you figure something out. You can get the screen/netting/shade cloth (dont know what its called) from Home Depot or Walmart for like a roll. On my deck I already had a fence around it, so I just got some of that screening and used a 2x2 rolled up about 2 times on each end then used the screen staples (long and flat) to secure it. I attached the board to my house, and the other side on the fence. If you do this neatly it comes out pretty nice for .

    We want to put a prefab steel pergola in our backyard....?
    ...Does anyone know if a building permit should be required?
    I called our city, and they said yes, but their requirements seem very unreasonable for such a simple outdoor structure. They're asking for an engineering stamp with a certain snow load and a wind threshold; for something that is not going to have a roof (just those thin slats) and is just four posts into the ground, I don't see how snow load and wind threshold are even factors (although I admit I am not an engineer!). I think I just am dealing with a paper-pushing bureaucrat who is trying to apply a certain set of standards to all situations, whether they apply or not. So, if these requirements sound crazy to someone who knows, how can I fight this guy? Or, is he right? And, if so, how are these structures available to purchase when you can't even put them up?

    • ANSWER:
      Go to for information on desings, ratings, etc. I think their units are rated for 75 MPH plus winds. I think the folks setting standards for you don't have one for a pergola (a very simple structure) and are applying standards for a building structure. Pergolas don't really support any weight except for maybe a retractable canopy or something. Shade Tree can help you. You can also buy whole kits, just the canopies, or parts from them. They have load ratings for everything.

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