Palm Frond Fan Blades Review

Spyderco is well known for providing top quality reliable fold-able strategic knives that are popular with police officers agencies and recovery workers.

These extreme and sometimes unusual looking knives are designed for peak performance and ergonomic convenience for the end user. Spyderco Knives over the years have integrated many feature's into their knives that are now common on flip-style knives such as the pocket clip, serrated knives and an opening in the blade for launching the blade.

If you are a Spyderco fan, then this is one design you want to make sure you add to your selection. The wonderfully designed Spyderco Knives are big on details and not so big on price.

The unique logo which has presented on all the Spyderco designs create this Spyderco Tenacious an awesome must have, either to add to your present selection or for a tough as nails of an application blade.

This blade can be used and misused and you will discover that it works just as well as the day you purchased it. It has a leaf-shaped blade being 3.375-inches and is a strategic design from Spyderco. The Spyderco Tenacious is one of the mid-sized intense designs and is in at about 4.8 oz. This is relatively compact considering the dimension the blade. It is ergonomic functional and can be used for a wide variety of uses. Many individuals take this blade, tracking, hiking and use them around the home.

This is also an excellent collectible especially if you are a Spyderco fan. You should not be worried by the low price of this blade, while low in price it certainly isn't low on top quality. The biggest of the Spyderco knives, no selection would be finished without the Spyderco Military. Although it is quite huge the blade creases down nicely and can still fit well into your wallet.


The Spyderco Military comes with full-flat floor CPM-S30V Stainless-steel blade. The tip to deal with innovative is top of the range. Some blades have a slide proof seat for the thumbs, in addition to G-10 handle for a solid hold. With a sleek and level of resistance free action Phosphor brown units it's sure to be useful.

Many individuals have mentioned that the implementation of the blade is brief and distinct and is appropriate for left and right-handed people.

What to look out for

Unfortunately the stainless-steel in the Spyderco Strength isn't as high top quality as we would like. However, for the price, this is to be predicted. Many individuals select to cover their blade or on the other hand you could use a top quality gun oil which seems to extend the longevity of the blade.

Overall this is a fantastic blade for the price and the opinions for this blade have been positive wherever you look.

Spyderco Knives look awesome, functions awesome and has an awesome price tag.

The other designs to look out for Spyderco are the Endura 4, Pacific Salt, Delicia 4, Sage and of course the Manix 2 for which there are two sequences. The second version in the variety is not much different from the first, but does come in a wide variety of shades as opposed to the first version of Spyderco Knives.

palm frond fan blades review