Bathroom Exhaust Fan Duct

Extractor fans are an essential residential and commercial item. From Bathroom Extractor Fans to Kitchen Extractor fans, there is a wide variety available but selection hugely depends on the kind of usage you need and whether the fan will be on for a good length of time. Industrial Extractor fans also have varying purposes depending on the kind of commercial usage they are being applied to. The extractor mechanism in extractor hoods removes combustion products and other airborne impurities like grease and odours. These fans also help reduce the heat in a room because there is a constant evacuation and filtration of air involved which keeps the room less polluted and cooler.

There are several other names also used for this product like extractor hood, range hood, vent and fume extractor.
Extractor fans generally have a basic set up of three known components which include capture panel, fan and grease filters. The capture panel is also known as the effluent plume which carries the rising gases, while a tangential blower or fan mechanism causes a forced ventilation effect to help extract the fumes and heat. Several methods are used for the filtration process which may or may not help with heat extraction. Most products will be specified for various purposes and only these product descriptions will give you a better insight into what the fans are actually like. Built in lighting may also be a part of these fans, especially the ones used for kitchens. They can also be matched with the rest of the decor because there is a wide range of colour options available.

The electronic control panels will also have several different features according to style and model type. Different brands may include additional features like motorized height adjustment, delayed shut-off, active noise cancellation, thermal sensor, temperature display and filter cleaning reminders. Many will also contain user preset settings. Commercial extractor fans are definitely heavy duty and more expensive than standard residential fans. Popular commercial fan manufacturers would be Manrose, Vent Axia whose prices can range from a hundred dollars to over five hundred dollars, depending on the kind of technology and features they have. Bathroom extractor fans generally range from fifteen dollars to a hundred dollars and popular brands include Xpelair, Vent Asia, Manrose and Decor.

Heavy duty residential use extractor fans are also available which can help ventilate and extract polluted air from the entire home. These fans are known as Whole House Ventilation Units and the price can range from a two hundred dollars to a thousand dollars depending on brand and quality of unit. These complete heat recovery systems can help improve optimum living conditions around the home and they can help with keeping the home free from dust, grease and fumes. They can also help in regulation of temperature around the house. You can find a wonderful selection of extractor fans from online retail stores where you can find some amazing discounts. Ducting supplies and other essential fittings needed for installation of these fans are also available online.

bathroom exhaust fan duct