2 thoughts on “Hampton Bay Floor Fan High Velocity

  1. Is the Hampton Bay High Velocity Air Circulator safe to use on its highest setting at a residential home?
    Like if it wont have the blade spinning off its fan, or the metal bars covering it wont be broken if the blade does fly off and stuff

    • Although something like that should never happen (Hampton Bay would be liable) I can tell you where something like that DID happen… from my own experiences!
      We have(had) a high velocity fan of our own at home (Patton, 20”, model U2-2002- link at bottom) that met an unfortunate end… The fan was sitting on the floor (the safest place) on high speed and it accidentally got knocked over.
      The blades, under influence of the gyroscopic effect*, dug into the metal bars of the cage, making large bends in the back of the grille and ripping two of the three blades clean off of the armature.(blade hub)
      However, the guard miraculously stayed on, while the motor, still spinning one blade, bounced the fan across the floor!

      All I’m saying is that you need to be careful around high velocity fans.
      They can be dangerous if mistreated but all you need to remember is that you should NEVER MOVE IT WHILE THE BLADES ARE SPINNING! (it warns against this in the owner’s manual)

      *a high mass object spinning on its axis will try to keep spinning in relation to the earth even if the axis is moved ( in other words, the blades tried to keep spinning perpendicular to the ground as the fan was falling. The large blades flexed under stress and as a result, the blades met the guard…

      link to U2-2002…