10 thoughts on “Hampton Bay Ceiling Fan Remove Globe

  1. Hampton Bay Ceiling fan model #75849 how do I remove globe to replace bulbs?

    No screws…

    • if there is a nub on the bottom of the globe just unscrew it.

    • You put pressure on the glass and turn it. Careful not to break it.

  2. change the light bulb hampton bay 55295 ceiling fan?
    I cannot for the life of me get the globe to turn. Anyone have any ideas how to make it budge?

    • You should try anything that is flat & has a soft rubber texture to it. For example, neoprene, used in a wet suit. Or even the back side of your mouse pad will work… One other way would be to use a dampened rag as well…Be sure to be turning the globe counter-clockwise when removing…Hope these suggestions work for you…Good Luck !!!

  3. How do I get insde the glass covering on my Hampton Bay ceiling fan to change the light bulb?
    I’ve removed the “grill” from around the glass globe which protects the glass enclosure for the light bulb, but now cannot remove the heavy glass globe

    • There should be 3 thumb screws just above the globe where the top of the globe meets the metal.Hold the globe and unscrew the screws until the globe loosens and comes out.Leave the screws in and reverse process when replacing globe.Don’t tighten screws too much or you’ll break globe.

  4. How do you remove the globe from a Southwind V 52″ Hampton Bay ceiling fan?

    • Have you ever looked at it? Up at the top of the globe there are 2-3 little screws. Turn them, but hold onto the globe while you’re turning them.