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  1. Where do I change the remote frequency on a Hampton Bay ceiling fan?
    I’ve got a Hampton Bay remote controlled ceiling fan. The model number on the remote is UC7030T. I found the switches in the remote, but where are the switches on the fan? I need to change the frequency because it’s getting interference from somewhere and turning the light and fan on/off when I’m not in the room.
    I’ve tried the Hampton Bay website, but they just tell you to go to Home Depot and ask someone, but I can’t find anyone at Home Depot that knows because they don’t carry this fan anymore. That’s why I’m here asking

    • Take the canopy down from the fan(the part that hides the mount and wires), the control module is in there or should be, if not there look on top of the motor of the fan….hope this helps

  2. How many watts does the fan of a Hampton Bay Carriage House II use?
    How many watts does the fan part of a Hampton Bay Carriage House II ceiling fan use?

    • Wattage = Voltage X Amperage

      Look on the side of the fans motor for the amperage and multiply it by 110V and the answer well is yours lol.

      Also keep in mind that the start up amp for a motor are 125% of that amperage you see on the motor, If your trying to calculate its kWH usage.

      Factor in 1.25 X Amps = Start Amps X Voltage = Start Watts @ .001/kWH.

  3. Where can I get a replacement remote control for a Hampton Bay ceiling fan?
    We moved into a new house, and the remote for the bedroom ceiling fan was not left here. Every time we turn on the light the fan goes on, and we can’t have the fan on at night because we can’t turn the light off.

    I have searched online for replacement parts but I have just run into a lot of complaint sites and dead end help sites.

    Can anyone link me to a site or give me a phone number so I can purchase a replacement remote?

  4. How can I get rid of lights on a ceiling fan (remove the lights and keep the fan)?
    We bought a house with ceiling fans. The fans are nice but the lights hanging down from the middle of the fans (below the blades) are horrible. I’d like to just remove the lights and put a plain cap in their place.

    I can figure out how to remove them, but where can I get a cap? I can’t find the name of a manufacturer on the fans. I’ve looked at fan sites online to find parts, but I haven’t seen any kind of “cap” that I’m looking for. Asking at Home Depot wasn’t helpful either.

    Does anyone know where I could get a “cap” like this?

    • been in the same boat a couple times as a contractor once just replaced with inexpensive fan once was able to find manufacter and order
      cap from hampton bay once just replaced with light kit that didnt stink down so far

  5. Anyone know how I can find a replacement fixture for my Hamilton Bay ceiling fan?
    I’ve tried there website but can’t ever find the information I need. I also called Home Depot (where I bought the fan) trying to get the information and the person I talked to had know idea.

    • Hampton Bay stuff is sold only by Home Depot. Lowe’s does the same sort of thing with their Harbor Breeze line. That said, the information either of them provide is horrible.

      What sort of replacement fixture are you looking for? Just a part? or a new/different lighting kit?

      If you want a part, you’ll need to call the manufacturer’s number in the manual. If you don’t have the manual, try to figure out the model number of the fan you’ve got and then just call the general service number for Home Depot. They can direct you to the Hampton Bay fan support line.

      If you want to change the style of the lighting kit… fat chance. You just gotta buy a new fan. They’re not hard to install (especially when replacing an existing one), but if you’re not handy, you might as well just pay for the installation; no sense in worrying about if you put it in right.

  6. where can i get replacement fan part for hampton bay fan?
    my brand new ceiling fan fell off the ceiling (don’t ask) and broke right where the blade attaches to the fan. It is a metal fan blade attachment that broke. its not a normal looking piece and it sort of art deco looking. i asked someone to weld it, he told me he couldn’t since it was chrome. i’ve looked high and low and can’t find the part. the website tells me to go to home depot (apparently thier only retailer). home depot only sells standard fan blade attachments and not one like this one. anyone know what i could do besides buying another fan? it was a pretty expensive fan and was beautiful.

    • Home Depot is the worst when it comes to customer service! Have you tried Expo? It’s an upscale store operated by Home Depot. Even if they don’t have the part, they can order it for you. Ask them to do this. They have the catalogues and you can look through them yourself. Good luck!

  7. Where can I get a parts list for a Hampton Bay Windward II ceiling fan?
    Please don’t refer me to hamptonbay.com, it is a useless site that just redirects to Home Depot.
    I am looking for the part that the balleste connects to. It is the part that is hard-wired into the fan that you would clip the ballest into.

  8. Hampton Bay ceiling fan # 6002 – speed control system overloaded and started. How do I replace light unit?

    • thats a home depot brand
      take it back for a refund
      they will refund this stuff even a couple of years later because of thier return policy. and its warranty.
      i used to work part time for them—i know.

  9. I just bought a ceiling fan and installed it myself. It is very loud. What can I do to quiet it down?
    Hampton Bay
    42 inch

    • Loud how, motor or something else. What could be the problem is your blades are not balanced properly. Your fan should have come with a balancing kit. I have 5 hampton bay fans in my home, the one in my office makes a little noise once in a while on highest speed. I shot a light mist of silicoln spray on the shaft part of the motor and it helped.

  10. where can I find a low voltage transformer for a ceiling light kit. The model # is hqm190a?
    not for sure if it is called a transformer or capcitor

  11. disassembling Hampton Bay ceiling fan?
    I am disassembling my ceiling fan after the ball bearings ceased up and i got down to the motor and the mount that has the pull cord to turn the light on or off it is mounted to a brass bracket on the ceiling and it has no more screws and won’t budge, what do I do next, how do i separate the bracket that is on the ceiling from the motor?

    • When you say you’re down to the motor, just how much have you disassembled so far. You should have shut down the electricity supply first, then removed the blades, then the outer decorative motor shroud, (which is held in place by 4 small screws very close to the ceiling), then the motor would be exposed and is held in place by 4 more screws to a metal plate that should be screwed to the junction box set in the ceiling, (the part that holds the wires). If you’ve removed the outer decorative shroud and can see the motor the attaching screws have to be there somewhere. You’re just not seeing them. They may be screws or they may be nuts threaded onto bolt like posts coming down from the mounting bracket. Look a little harder. There should also be a hook-like thing on the bracket so you can actually hang the motor assembly from it while you disconnect the wires.